Titanic Chandeliers, the earring of choice

Titanic Belfast the magnificent exhibition centre opened its doors last weekend to mark the centenary of the launch of the world’s most famous ship.  Now the world is preparing to remember the tragic night of April 14th 1912, when the world’s largest and most expensive mobile manmade object hit an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

With the popularity of shows like Downtown Abbey and Titanic the series is, it’s no wonder that all fashion from that time is having an impact on what we are wearing today.

Lace is back in a big way and it’s anything but straight laced. It is appearing in fantastic fluro colours and kooky styles that are perfect for Spring/Summer 12 season. Large opulent looking gems, chandelier earrings and pearls were the staple of women of the Titanic era. Here we have selected some of the finest chandelier earrings that fit perfectly into the that era and over the next 2 weeks we shall be selecting key pieces for this season that have a Titanic feel yet are bang on trend!

Here are some of our favourite chandeliers:

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